Regular Breaks – When & Why

Got 'IT' Homeworkers, Communication & Wellbeing

Today we are going to dive into the topic of taking ‘regular breaks’ while working from home or remotely. I would like you to start by thinking about what this actually means to you, now that you are working from home either full time or for long chunks of the working week, how should you break up your day?

“… research has found that taking a break can be very beneficial for you and your work. Micro-breaks, lunchtime breaks and longer breaks, have all been shown to have a positive relationship with wellbeing and productivity. By taking regular breaks you can boost your performance.” source

Let’s think about some of the natural breaks we take in the office, probably, without even noticing or realising, excluding the traditional lunch break.

  • Walking to the water, hot drink or vending machine
  • The daily commute
  • Walking to a meeting room
  • Going to meet…

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