So, previously in my blog post about being stuck in the same room everyday can potentially lead to depression? The question now is how can you move around into different rooms easily while allowing yourself to still be in a comfortable position to do your work.

I have seen many people using laptops on their laps, or worse still on the their laps with a blanket underneath it. This is a recipe for disaster for a number of reasons:

  1. The position you are sat in is not a natural one therefore you will be placing your body, specifically your back, neck, eyes, hands & wrist under significant strain. Multiply this by spending extended hours in those positions then you’ll begin to develop posture issues that’ll take its toll on your body which in turn can impact your mental wellbeing, as well as your productivity & overall physical health.
  2. Putting a laptop on your legs or worse still on a pillow/blanket can block up the vents on your laptop causing it perform worse & runs the risk of overheating and even breaking the laptop.

I highly recommend using a good quality portable desk which can support your laptop & a gel mouse mat to provide the support you need on the wrist for long usage to reduce the risk of developing RSI (repetitive strain injury) the most common symptoms of RSI include:

Pain, Stiffness, Tightness, Swelling, Tingling (like pins and needles), Numbness, Tenderness, Weakness & A dull ache.

It is no joke either I have met several colleagues using a left hand mouse because the right hand can no longer work a mouse due to the pain & strain, when I witnessed this first hand was when I decided to make sure that I put my body first & buy the proper equipment to reduce the risks.

The benefit of having a portable desk, even if you are lucky enough to have a static office or study for work, it’s great to have the ability to move around to different places in (and outside) the house (for longer or short periods of time). I can simply unplug my charger & quickly move my laptop, mouse & mouse mat into different rooms or the garden then sit down & continue working. The change of scenery even within the constraints of our own homes which during lockdown periods is, in some cases our only option, is very much welcomed (especially the garden on a bright day).

Remember it is still key to have suitable seating when manoeuvring around the household with your portable work station. I typically move between the front room sofa, kitchen & garden chairs, I either use the kitchen side with a high bar stool or a short chair to use my desk on a small table.

It is even effective when moving in the car between households as again you can close the laptop down carry the desk to the car place it in a secure place, drive to an alternative destination & easily pull your workstation out & be ready to go. When I have finished work on a Friday I pack my laptop away into its bag & can easily fold the table away & store it safely away (which keeps the other half happy too).

You can find links to both the desk & mouse is use below from Amazon UK:

Fellowes Gel Support Mouse pad

Barbieya Portable Lap desk

If you decide to go for it let me know in the comments or if you have further suggestions of other product for me to review which have helped you then let me know.

Remember we are all in this together to say stay strong, try to be positive & stay safe.

One thought on “Equipment check!

  1. Very helpful and informative. It is very important to work everyday having the right equipment, desk and chair as our health and wellness depends on it. I do a lot of computer work , & sitting for a long time can cause back pain and neck stiffness if I don’t do it right. Have a great week.

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