Got ‘IT’ by Thomas Horler.

Launched in the dreaded year of 2020, the year when everything changed. Since February 2020 the beginning of the pandemic the world that I live in, the daily routines flipped on its head. Office’s closed all over the place, schools closed indefinitely, everybody all under one through trying to keep some normality.

Are you a homeworker normally, or is this your first time being thrust into this whole new environment?
Are you struggling with keeping in touch or just communicating with colleagues, team mates, customers or making new customers?
Are you struggling, mentally, or physically in this whole new working environment known as ‘home’? Our place of comfort now being transformed into home schooling, working offices.

I am here to share my personal experiences, offer ideas to help people who may be struggling, share stories on the do’s & don’ts of homeworking, research & share various techniques to aid us all not just ‘cope’ under our new circumstances but to thrive, not only in our work roles but mentally & in turn with a bit of perseverance (& luck) help the family & the colleagues around you who may also be struggling. If this sounds like something that can help you then you are in the right place.
Strap in & stay tuned as I plan to share ideas which can help you with things like:
-Setting up a comfortable home work station
-Reviewing tools & communication techniques to help you keep in touch with colleagues, team mates & stakeholders in your place of work (in some cases these tools were even popular with keeping in touch with family members during lockdown periods)
-Tips to aid you to stay positive & active to keep your mental health in a good place, which can also lead to raising morale of the people around you, its surprising how a persons positivity can rub off on to others. (The same as negativity can hence the need for us to do what we can to deal with it)
-To build a community of homeworkers that share ideas, who says that everything we read or watch on the internet or in a book is going to solve all our problems. I will be reaching out via various social media platforms to gather & relay back other peoples ideas to potentially help us all.

That concludes my ‘about’ page so stay tuned for my blog posts & remember if you’ve Got ‘IT’ in your life then together we can Get IT done!