Upcoming pieces of work

Hello I hope that you & your families are safe in well during this very challenging year. It has been a few weeks since I last blogged & for good reason.

I have been dealing with a family bereavement, focusing on some home improvement projects & generally getting mentally geared up to thrive during this late lockdown in England.

So, what next? I didn’t just want to blog for the sake of blogging but provide & update to actual content in the works. Over the next few weeks I will be collaberating with bloggers from https://homeworker.uk.com/

I am to begin working on a home working handbook perhapd in ebook format for people to be able to consume as a pose to flicking through several blog posts to find key information which helps them out.

Finally, I have been continuing to involve myself in home working initiatives to improve my own knowledge & understanding which in turn I will be feeding back into new blog / handbook content so stay tuned & have a great weekend.

Mental Health Awareness Day Further Reading/Viewing

Hello all, I have been away for the last fortnight not blogging during my usual weekly slot, mainly because I have been struggling mentally to focus clearly on anything & this has been amplified by a close relative that has gone into hospital in ICU.

However, I am back, with a shorter post than usual, while seeking support for my own mental wellbeing a close friend of mine & fellow blogger Matt Zitron kindly shared two articles which he has wrote regarding depression closely tied in with mental health awareness day which I have found very helpful & the second article actually made me feel quite emotional.

I Suffer with Depression


Dear Friend

On top of this I have been contemplating creating my own videos to alongside some of the key messages given in my blog posts & while researching into this I came across a video by Paul Weedon, he has made a video covering anxiety & mental wellbeing while working remotely, I found it very useful & it is almost as if we are singing from the same hymn sheet. Please check out his Video & let me know your thought in the comments.

Next week I hope to do some further developments to my website & I plan to add in a whole new section about my hobby, this will be accompanied with a supporting blog post. It is something that has really taken off for me over last two years & with lockdown even more so.

The reason I am writing about it is because during some very challenging times it is something that allows me to clear my head, achieve something desirable & share it with world. But stay tuned next to find out what it is, but mentally, it has helped me with so much, I look forward to sharing more soon.

Thanks for reading & see you next week, stay safe.